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listen to this

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这是listen to this 1-3的MP3和听力文本全套教程,包括listen to this1(初级),listen to this2(中级)和listen to this3(高档)。
Male: Pubs? You must have good people. If the people are good, the pub will be good.
Male: You must have a good landlord, and people with a sense of humor behind the bar. If the landlord is bad, the pub will be bad.
Female: I love old pubs. If it's one of those modern places, I won't go in.
Male: And a good pub must have good beer. If the beer's no good, people will look for another place.
Female: I won't go if there isn't a garden. I have children, and if the pub doesn't have a garden or family room, we can't go in.
My grandfather used to have a beautiful gold pocket watch. He wore it on a fine gold chain across the front of his waistcoat, and when I was small he promised to leave it to me in his will.
    "When I'm gone," he said, "this is going to be yours."
    Unfortunately that will never happen now. About three months ago, my grandfather came up to London to visit us. The first Sunday morning after he arrived, my youngest son said he wanted to go to the park.
    "We'll do better than that," said my grandfather, "we'll go and feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square." So off they went. They got home about tea-time and my grandfather was looking very upset.
    "My watch," he said, "it's gone. Someone must have stolen it while we were feeding the pigeons."
My name is Daniel. I am French. I live in a small town. I work in a hotel, but I do not live in the hotel. I live with my parents. My home is near the hotel, so I walk to work every day.
There is some sugar, there is some coffee and there is a lot of tea, but there is not much jam. There are some tomatoes, but there are not any eggs or biscuits and there is not much milk. So we want jam, eggs, biscuits and milk.




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